Effortlessly manage your
hybrid workspace

Forget about grueling office planning and free your team from organisational strain

Flexidesk automates your day-to-day scheduling complexity

Share your desk easily and transparently


What is Flexidesk?

Flexidesk is a 1-click desk booking application that perfectly supports your hybrid working culture.

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You have a meeting in Linz on next Tuesday? So you want to switch from "Office Vienna" to the free desk 4 at "Office Linz"?

Just click the free desk - DONE :) 

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Why Flexidesk is perfect for you?


Easy setup

In the time of hybrid working and flexible offices, managing multiple teams across various locations is cumbersome. Flexidesk simplifies the whole process, starting with the setup: Specify the number of your offices, rooms and tables. Import a list of your team members' email addresses and you are set.


Simple desk sharing

Employees should focus on their work, not on organising tomorrow's workplace. Urgent plumber visits or kids having to stay at home from school call for easy last-minute schedule changes. Book or release a desk with one click.


Better collaboration

You want to book a desk close to your team members. View your team's ever-changing schedule from any device and adapt your bookings accordingly.


Legal reporting made easy

Some countries have tax policies for hybrid working. Flexidesk auto-generates documents needed for reporting and allows downloading of historical booking data for auditing.

Contact us for the availability of specific reports for your country. 


Comprehensive analytics

Unused desks lead to employee frustration and is an unneeded cost for you as an employer.​ You want to consider occupancy statistics to optimise the availability of workspaces and facilities. Get detailed statistics about the booking behaviour of your team.


Default schedules

You have a lot of factors to consider while planning flexible office spaces. For example, abiding by health regulations, taking into account part time employment or ensuring fair distribution of work places among your team. Flexidesk offers you a default schedule option, where you can define a desk plan that meets all of these needs. 


What our users say

With Flexidesk we ensured our employees' happiness in a hybride working environment at the push of a button. Each of us can flexibly choose their work place and knows exactly where they sit.

Daniela M. - Human Resources, Head of People

Flexidesk makes it super easy to plan home office and office days on a weekly basis. I choose my seats according to my team mates' schedules and to my own preferences.

Philipp S. - Software Engineer

Now I am able to take care of the individual needs and personal life circumstances of all colleagues in the most flexible way. 

Maria S. - Business Administration Manager

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